No more ants! We had ants. I called and made an appointment. They were helpful by telling me what to do in the mean time. That helped a lot. The tech was great. Right on time.”

Elizabeth T.


We have been using Great Basin Termite & Pest control for two years after a massive ant problem that we couldn't get on top of by ourselves. I could not be more pleased with the level of service. We have quarterly service. Ants are a thing of the past. Our technician, Adam, calls the day before and again on the morning he's coming. He always shows up as scheduled. He takes his time to inspect inside and out. I recommend Great Basin and Adam without reservation.

Linda C. - 8/29/2019

This is the second time using this company and I'm very pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of Dusty. I don't have a big house, and he was able to spray in a timely manner. I'm excited to have a spider free home. Great job!!

Amy W. - 7/30/2020

Dusty is amazing. He is knowledgeable about all things "critter" related and his prices are very reasonable. We have used Great Basin Pest for years, and will continue to do so

Samantha C. - 6/3/2020

These guys were able to come out just a few days after I called them and spray for bugs. They were very professional and were in and out in about 30 minutes.

Day J. - 8/13/2019

We were invaded with ants! Great Basin came out and took care of the problem! Came back a week later since the ants decided to reappear and they dusted and sprayed again! Very professional and stands behind their work! Definitely recommend with no hesitation!!! The product was safe around our dogs and left no marks.

Penny R. - 8/2/2014

I cannot say enough good things about Great Basin. Adam is always prompt, quick and efficient. The spray used is effective. In our rental we had ants and Great Basin had an appointment for me in a couple of days and I had no more ants. We have dogs and Adam is always good about doing outside first, then letting me know when he's ready to do the inside so I can let the dogs outside. Keeps them out from under foot! I have Great Basin come spray every three months and I've never had any problems. I highly recommend Great Basin!!

Crystal G. - 4/11/2017

I have bee using this company for a few years now. Dusty is very professional. He will answer any questions you might have. It is so nice dealing with such a great company. They never leaving you hanging. I always get a reminder phone call the day before they come. If I happen to call for a reason they return my call right away. I am so HAPPY to be bug fee. I even recommended them to my boss and now Dusty does my work place as well.

Jori D. - 5/23/2017

Dusty is extremely professional and helpful. He came to my house for a free termite estimate which other companies had quoted me $100-200 for. He gave me his honest opinion and clearly wasn't looking to just take my money. Additionally, he even gave me some advice on work that I could do myself to save some money. I definitely recommend Dusty and Great Basin Termite and Pest Control and will use them again.

Chris K. - 7/20/2018

We love this company! They are so quick and efficient. We've scheduled them quarterly to keep bugs out of the house!! Very responsive and discussed the product with me in regards to kid and pet safety.

Lindsay M. - 12/17/2017

We used to go with one of the big pest control companies, but I like to support small local businesses. Great Basin Termite & Pest Control had really good reviews, so when we moved into our new home I called for a quote. Not only was the quote better than our old pest control co., but the work was much more thorough. We definitely won't be going back to the old, we will call Great Basin from now on.

Jenny J. - 7/25/2017

Dusty is always on time. His products are safe for animals. We started with Great Basin when we bought our house two years ago, and have them come out every quarter. Never had a live spider in our home. Quarterly Service is the way to go.

W.o.c B. - 12/12/2017

I gave these guys a try when moving back into my house after having tenants for a couple of years. They were early to the appointment but it snowed that day so I asked for a reschedule for later in week. No problem. Rescheduled appointment, again early. Love that!! They used chemicals that didn't harm the dog. I signed up for quarterly service which was really reasonable. If your looking for bug killers, these guys rock!

Laurie L. - 4/6/2016

Found mice droppings in my back pack and garage. Then noticed a mouse in the home. Adam came out and told us where they were entering and treated the home. He noticed we had a dog by our dog door and made extra sure the bate was hidden from our baby. Very impressed.

Patricia M. - 11/2/2016

I love Great Basin! I was previously using a different company referred to me by someone at work. They were really difficult to schedule with and extremely expensive. When I moved last year, I scheduled my prior company to come to my new home for pest control. When I received a call for my quarterly service, after having to schedule about 3 weeks out, the lady on the phone confirmed my address...at my prior address. I told her that I had moved, and that they had been to the new place, and she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her I would get back to her about the appointment and decided to call Great Basin, which is the company my condo complex uses. Dusty was awesome, and got me scheduled really quickly. Adam came out to do my service and I was really impressed with him. I had him do a vapor barrier as well and was quoted well under what 3 other places had told me. Adam was also able to help me with an unrelated issue at my most recent maintenance service and didn't even charge me anything additional for it. I am extremely impressed and won't even bother looking at other companies again. Thank you for your professionalism and great work, Great Basin!!

Traci F. - 8/17/2018

This is the third year we've used Great Basin for our yearly ant infestation. Although they said it might take up to two weeks to see full results, we haven't had any ant sightings since they came. Adam arrived a little before our scheduled appointment, and explained what he was going to do. He was very thorough and professional. He did the exterior, interior and crawl space. The products they use are people and pet friendly and we didn't have any problems with toxic smells running us out of the house. Well worth the money and I always like supporting, small local (owner-operator) businesses. I am glad to see Dusty is busy enough to have Adam on his team! p.s.- I would give a sixth star if I could just because Adam told me I couldn't mop for 10 days :)

Kelley K. - 4/9/2015

Adam sprays the house and checks the bait stations every 3 months. He is on time, fast, and his service works. We haven't seen bugs and he got our rodent problem under control. He even noticed that the mice were nesting behind the water heater in the garage, something our last guy never noticed. He even comes first thing in the morning to accommodate our schedules and sprays inside first so we can head to work. The prices are reasonable too.

Anna S. - 7/6/2017

I called yesterday and had to leave a message. Basically said I had some spiders now that the weather is cooling and needed the crawl space done and sooner the better as I'm due to have a baby any second. Dusty called back within minutes and was very nice. Plus said he'd have Adam out within the next day since I'm about to pop. Adam showed today and was very polite and explained everything in detail. I also have two dogs and he stayed away from them while spraying and explained they use a non toxic spray. He was here promptly and it took under 30 minutes. I think I'll be using them for regular spray vs one time. They also did more for less then previous exterminator used.

Kristin D. - 11/22/2016

It seems that 2016 is the year of the ants! Our home, which usually only has a few spiders and a couple of ants in the spring, was invaded recently with every type of bug imaginable, but mostly by ants. They were inside, outside and in the nooks and crannies. After we tried to get rid of them on our own without much success, I turned to Yelp for a pest control company. I called five different companies and the pricing was all very similar, but Great Basin was the only company that didn't try to get us to sign up for an automatic service. Since this is the first year the problem has been like this, I didn't want to have them coming out every quarter "just in case." They were on time for the appointment and although the product is safe for pets, they recommend not having the cat around until the product dries (which is why the cat is now in my office talking to the birds on the window ledge). Great Basin also warranties their product. If the bugs show up within 30 days of the initial spray, they will come back out and do it again at no charge.

Jennifer J. - 5/17/2016

I found black widows in the house and outside my sliding glass door. I, of course, looked up pest companies that could come out right away. I called a big name popular place to get a quote and they quoted $250 for a one time spray and encouraged me to sign a year contract. That sounded very expensive so I looked on Yelp and found that this place had great reviews. They fit me in the same day I called. Adam showed up on time and was very friendly and professional. He sprayed the outside, inside baseboards, and crawlspace and it was $125. He even let me know about cars being parked in the garage for extended periods of time and how they can become homes to rodents that can damage the interior and wiring. There's a 30 day guarantee so if I see any more spiders they'll come back. Now I can sleep. House spiders are one thing but black widows are plain scary!

A S. - 10/12/2015

This company was very good. The owner (Dusty) met me at my house on my lunch hour and was finished in time for me to get back to work. He sprayed inside and outside, in my crawlspace, my garage, and then answered all my (many) questions about the carpenter ants that have been annoying me recently. No hard sell, a 30 day guarantee, and the product he used was colorless, odorless and (he says) effective. I highly recommend this company.

Karen M. - 5/6/2013

When i first bought my home Dusty came and did the VA pest inspection. He was thorough and did a great job back in 11/2016. Now with the market being the way it is i needed another VA pest inspection for a refi! So i called Great Basin back (since i kept the card Dusty gave me nearly 2 years ago, based on how pleased i was with his work). I called set up an appointment and within a week Adam was knocking on my door for the pest inspection. Adam was on time and courteous from the onset of his visit. He was respectful of my home and myself, also my 2 boys taking a nap upsatirs. I walked with Adam through and around the premises. He took the time to answer questions both about the inspection and other non inspection related issues. He was knowledgeable about his job and it showed when he did hs inspection. As far as im concerned I will NEVER use another pest control service again. I am local and I will recommend these guys to anyone who needs them. They are affordable, polite, punctual, respectful, and worth the call. Thanks Adam at Great Basin Termite & Pest Control for a wonderful job!!! Keep up the good work.

Brian M. - 8/9/2018

We had them spray for ants last week, and it was the complete opposite of the experience we had from Pied Piper a year ago. Great Basin charged $125 to spray all the baseboards in the house, all around the foundation, and the crawl space. Yes, the guy willingly and cheerfully crawled into the crawl space and did the job! (In the 2 years we've been here, numerous people have refused to do anything in the crawl space.) He was also pleasant and efficient. By the way, he is the owner. Most important of all, we have not seen any ants since. He gives a 30-day guarantee. Oh--and no one tried to get us to sign up for ongoing services. (Compare this with Pied Piper a year ago. That guy arrived and announced he didn't go into crawl spaces. Instead, he set something off at the entrance. He charged $75 and stated there was no guarantee. And we still had ants.)

Laurie B. - 6/29/2012

I cannot reccommend Dusty Erickson and Great Basin Termite and Pest Control enough. We had ants no matter what we tried until Dusty came out with his "License to Kill" and took care of it. He was prompt, professional and NOT pricey. His materials are safe for the kids and the dogs and he was more than thorough and efficient. Five stars all the way!!

Joell S. - 6/26/2014

I definitely recommend this company. The owner came out and sprayed my house. He was very professional, friendly and efficient. Most importantly got rid of the pest issues we were having.

Shannon A. - 8/29/2013



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